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About Matt

Matt Hovey is currently Chief Architect for Global Product Development IT at General Motors.  Previously, he has led technology teams in Emerging Technology, Embedded Systems Engineering and Information Technology domains, including OnStar’s Advance System Architecture team and GM’s Mobile Computing group. Matt has authored several Records Of Invention and patent applications, including OnStar’s next-generation over-the-air telematics protocol (US Patent #7881251). In his spare time, he plays guitar and cello, fixes and rides bicycles, plays golf, motors around Lake St. Clair on his boat, writes software, and tinkers with his home automation system.


IT management, enterprise architecture and product engineering experience with world-class technology and consulting organizations like OnStar and Cambridge Technology Partners. Proven ability to produce and lead highly effective architecture and system delivery teams, develop and deploy new technologies and deliver complex global systems.


  • IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Application Development
  • Building highly-effective technical teams, Technology SWAT teams
  • Connected Vehicle, Autonomous Vehicles
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Emerging Technology
  • Enterprise Mobile Computing: policy, apps, security, integration, and infrastructure

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  • So isn't Bran expected to live 1000 years as the Three-Eyed Raven? #GoT 8 hours ago
  • unrelated, I think I'm destined to be one of those retirees someday who fixes up old bikes found in the trash to give away to kids 9 hours ago
  • with all the updates i've put into my 2001 Schwinn Mesa GSX, I probably could have bought a completely new mountain bike. or two. 9 hours ago


Anything Matt Hovey publishes online is his own personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of his employers.
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